Pattern Tutorial: Slim Fit Jersey Pants for Boys

“Boy’s tights”, or slim fitted jersey pants, are about to be a hit amongst norwegian hobby seamstresses (well, at least I guess so ;-) I was actually sceptical to the design/look at first, but they are very comfy and my son likes them a lot. Now I like them too :-)

mønster guttetights block smakebit ENGLISH VERSION

The figure above gives a taste of the instructions I have made for constructing pattern for “boy’s tights”. The pants have slim fit, but are not as tight as girl’s tights. Quite long legs, with rib around the ankles to hold the pant legs in place. Relatively high waist.

Get the full version in pdf here. (Free of charge)

This is how they look:


The pattern are made by inspiration from Saftis’  tights which you can read about in her “Skrekk og gru-blog”, for example here.

By changing the amount of ease, this pattern can also be used as basis for contructing other types of pants and leggings. Watch out, updates of the tut may appear! 

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