Birthday in the sewing room!

Early in the morning, 35 years ago, I was born in a little hospital in Oslo. The sun was shining and the birds singing. The midwife was humming a happy tune, and I smiled as I made my way out.  Or somethingn like that. If nothing else, I know that I was born early in the morning in Oslo!

This happened to be my day off this week, and there was no doubt what to spend it on: Sewing! The only plan I had, was to add something to the children’s wardrobes, they’re in need of  new clothes. One advantage of sewing the children’s clothes yourself, is that you can choose models that grows with the child, for example by using rib around the ankles on the pants. And sometimes the garment is used even when it doesn’t grow anymore: My eldest child uses a sweather that ends 3 cm above the wrist and the rib is worn out, but he wants to use it anyway! It makes me happy and proud that he loves  the clothes I’ve made that much, but at some point, he has to get some new ones. The first new one, I finished today:

Pullover made from a blanket

It looks like a jacket, but is, in fact, a pullover. It’s actually made of a blanket from “Kid”, and the edges are not stitched on, but just used as they were on the blanket. (On the picture I have folded the sleeves, because they seemed to be quite long.) I cut out the pieces like this:

blanket pullover

The buttons have no function except holding the two front pieces together. It is very easy to sew on the buttons when you attach them to the fabric using tape first.

Å sy i ein knapp blir mykje enklare når du festar den med tape fyrst!

I learned this brilliant trick from Shamu some years ago, and it has been of great help!

Other fabric/notions: Jersey in the hood from Stoff og Stil. Buttons from Textart.no.

This pullover was almost finished before starting the sewing day. I also made a tunic and three beanies for the one-year-old, and pants, tights and a singlet for the four-year-old. Perhaps some of it will turn up here on the blog tomorrow? But now: Good night!

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  1. Supersnygg! Tack för bra tips och STORT grattis på födelsedagen!


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