RUMS! (?)

I have discovered a german blog that have events called Rums. I’m not sure I have understood the whole concept, something about showing that day something you have made, or something like that. I think that I could give it a try! And to my norwegian/scandinavian blog readers; if you visit the Rums-page, you can find a lot of links to great, inspiring german blogs!

I made this tunic yesterday for my 20 months old daughter. It is based on a pattern from Ottobre Kids 1/2009, design no. 5, but I have changed the neckline to a “No. 9 neckline”. The dots on the skirt is inspired by Sjeroks'lovely pants, I recommend a visit to her blog!



I haven’t got the time to show you how I madethese dots, but I have photos to show later if anyone is interested :-)

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  1. Hello from Germany!
    It's nearly like you tell it in your post, but the things you show at RUMS (which means something like "everything for the woman") should be from yourself just for yourself.
    Hope to see you again on RUMS!

    Greetings Ines

  2. Hi Annwes!
    As Ines already told you, at RUMS we show everything we made for ourselves - no matter if you sew, knit, crochet, cook, or weld ;o) There is just one rule: It has to be made FOR yourself BY yourself.

    I do have to say that I love the tunic you made. Maybe next Thursday (or, as I call it, RUMS-day) you can show us a tunic for yourself!
    Hope to read from you soon!
    Best wishes

  3. Aha! For myself; I didn't get that part ( I had a feeling that I had missed something ;-) Thanks for telling me :-) I hope to be back some thursday!

  4. Very nice tunic! I like the colours very much!

    If you are interessted in there also is a blog for girls-clothes where you can show your workpieces, it is called

    and for boys:

    Best regards

  5. Thank you, Ena! Maybe I'll show up there sometime, right now I'm still a little embarrassed about not understanding the difference between "sewing for myself" and "sewing by myself" yesterday... I appreciate that you invite me, though!


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