Pysj-pose/sleep sack

Home made baby sleep sack

Our youngest daughter almost never used pyjamas, she slept in bodysuit with this sleep sack outside it. It worked very well, the sleep sack was easy to put on and off, which also made it easy to change nappies at nighttime. And I think she would have kicked her comforter (dyne) off a lot more wearing a pyjamas than wearing this. She is too old for this kind of gament now, but now and then I make a sleep sack when friends get a baby.

If you both like to sew, and have a little baby, I recommend you to sew one and try it out! If you have a baby, but are not up to sewing, you can visit Gekkoshop and buy one there (for the newborns). I guess Gekko was the one who introduced this kind of sleep sack/sparkepose here in Scandinavia, you should stop by her inspiring blog, which is well worth a visit!

Making of:

I made several sleep sacks for my daughter, and this one is the result of trying and failing (at this point, she was not a newborn anymore...) I made some observations:

-It’s easy to underestimate how long legs a baby gets when fully stretched
-The more elastic fabric lengthwise (and sidewise too), the better (instead of pulling off the sack, the baby just streatches the fabric). I use the most elastic single jerseys I’ve got. But maybe you will come to a different conclusion regarding fabrics…
-Waistband should be tight enough

If you want to make a sleep sack yourself, you’re welcome to use my measures for the pattern.

Sewing a single jersey baby sleep sack with waistband

Fabric: Single jersey designed by Johanna Ahlard. Bought from Malika og Rosa in Denmark. Rib from Stoff og Stil.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Desse posane er gull verdt! Mi mor lagde ein haug til oss da vi fikk førstemann - og han budde i de dei første vekene. Deilig! Og genial unngå-å-sparke-av-dyna-for-så-å-bli-kald-og-våkne-sikkerhet!

    Fantastisk stoff foresten:)

    1. Og det skal ikkje mange sparte natteoppvakningar til før det har stor gevinst på humør og krefter!

  2. So beautiful! I was just looking for some measures for this type of sleeping sack! I love them!
    Thanks for sharing!!!

    1. Thank you so much again! Finally I did it and I just needed 3months - almost nothing ;-)
      Hope, you like it: http://mimaramundo.blogspot.com.es/2013/07/otra-cosa-de-bebe-noch-was-fur-babys.html


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